Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove

Re-create the live music experience with Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove, Vertere’s finest model and first choice among the world’s high-end turntables.

Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove embodies all Vertere’s unrivalled expertise in quality audio engineering, high-end hi-fi systems and turntables. Designed without compromise, every single component in the RG-1 is specially engineered and custom built, using the best possible materials and the highest standards of precision.

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Why Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove?

  • The perfect platform for any tonearm, and ideal partner for Vertere Reference tonearm
  • Plays every note with the intended emotion
  • Gets the maximum information and detail from your records
  • Gives lifelike dynamics in any home environment
RG-1 Reference Main Bearing Assembly

Main Bearing Assembly

At the heart of any record player is its main bearing.

Vertere RG‐1 record player utilises probably the highest precision bearing assembly designed for a record player. As a result the drive system can rotate the platter assembly absolutely smoothly and silently.

Thus the record is presented to the tonearm and cartridge without any unwanted bearing noise.

Record Player Motor Assembly

Record Player Motor Assembly

One look at the record player motor assembly and the depth and innovativeness of its design become apparent.

Using precision bearings to articulate the proprietary aluminium alloy motor housing keeps the motor continuously synchronous achieving constant belt tension.

Simply put, it drives the platter at constant speed without interference.

RG‐1 Main Reference Platter

Main Reference Platter

RG-1 platter assembly is a unique two piece super precision machined aluminium alloy design that provides friction-only damping of the platter assembly.

The main platter has a critically designed surface profile on its top side that perfectly matches the underside of the reference platter insert. The two parts fit so precisely that the assembly creates a linearly damped, non‐resonant structure.

RG‐1 Reference Platter (underside)

Platter (underside)

The underside of the main platter is precision machined to provide a perfect fit to the main spindle block for accurate turning. It also has highest peripheral mass to maximise inertia to weight ratio. This ensures constant speed while eliminating undue pressure on the main bearing contact point.

Maximum performance, maximum longevity.

RG‐1 Record Player Platter Insert

Platter Insert

Topside of the RG‐1 platter insert is precision machined to provide the bonding area for the 2mm cast Acrylic record interface disc.

The underside, on the other hand, is done as the precise fit to the topside of the main platter.

Six small stainless screws, from the underside ensure the two pieces are held perfectly together in non‐resonant state.

Motor Drive Power Supply

It is absolutely critical that the record player motor is powered and controlled faultlessly to ensure a full and musical performance of the record player.

The Motor Drive is designed to control the motor perfectly to provide the platter with smooth and constant drive. Elegant and simple to use with a ‘super charged’ engine under its bonnet!

RG-1 Record Player Dust Cover

There is an optional dust cover that fully encloses the RG-1 while aesthetically complimenting the elegant lines and design of the record player.

The main section covering the top, front and the back is a one piece 6mm clear cast acrylic providing support and rigidity with cut-outs for motor drive and tonearm cables. The sides are made from 3mm clear cast acrylic also including hand-grip cut-outs for easy placement and removal of the cover.

A Vertere emblem, laser engraved on the top adds the finishing touch to this elegant and practical record player dust cover.

Special Metallic Black Print Finish

It was so important to ensure an uncompromising solution if any alternative finish were to be provided for the Reference RG-1 record player. After extensive tests and design refinements, the RG-1 has now been made available in this lustrous Special Metallic Black Print Finish.
Clear cast acrylic was carefully selected as plinth material to provide the most stable and acoustically suitable platform for RG-1’s critical components.

In order not to compromise performance and continue utilising this material, a special print and printing method was developed for this exceptional finish. This beautiful finish not only enhances the appearance of the RG-1 but also preserves its absolute reference performance.

The Vertere emblem printed on the top plinth adds the final finishing touch to this elegant Special Metallic Black reference record player.

Type Belt Drive
Motor 48 Pole Synchronous
6 Point Body Contact Support
Spindle Support Acetal Ball Bearing
Motor Mount Acetal Platform – Articulated
2 Ball Race Bearings and Silicone Motor Spring
Pulley Super Precision Aluminium Alloy
Drive Belt Precision Ground Polymer
Platter RG-1 Super Precision Aluminium Alloy
Two Part Linear Damped
2mm Bonded Acrylic Record Interface
Bearing Spindle RG-1 Super Precision Tungsten Carbide
Roundness / Concentricity and Finish < 1 Micron
Bearing Housing RG-1 Aerospace Grade Phosphor Bronze
Clearance < 4 Microns
Plinth Structure Clear and Special Black Print Cast Acrylic
30mm Thick Top and Bottom Plinths
20mm Thick Sub-plinth and 15mm Mid-plinth
Isolation System 3 Stage Compliant and 2 Stage Rigid
12 Decoupler Sets and 12 Tuned Silicone Ring / Bobbins
3mm Acrylic Disc and Stainless Feet / Hard Rubber / Felt
Motor Drive P/S Precision Crystal Referenced
Speeds 33.3 and 45 rpm (<0.2%)
Wow and Flutter <0.02%
Rumble <-85dB

Offering peerless performance through uncompromising engineering, Vertere’s Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove incorporates innumerable carefully-considered design choices that make it supreme among turntables. The RG-1 includes a super precision main bearing and a two-piece non-resonant platter assembly to provide the most silent platform for the arm and the cartridge. The result is the ‘darkest’ background achievable from vinyl, against which every note played and every word sung comes to life.

The main bearing assembly comprises an aerospace-grade phosphor bronze housing, a super-precision tungsten carbide spindle and silicon nitride ball. The housing is machined and finished to the tightest of tolerances, with the bearing spindle sized to ensure the minimum gap possible between the spindle and the housing. The only contact is between the spindle and the precision ball supporting it at the bottom. The design of the bearing assembly ensures that the ball is housed absolutely central to the spindle. The main bearing is lubricated using Vertere’s proprietary bearing oil, L-1G, which ensures almost perfectly silent running. This lubricating oil is formulated with anti-friction, anti-foaming, water repellent and cooling agents for longevity and best performance. The unique design features of the main bearing, combined with the highest level of precision and attention to detail is mirrored in every other aspect of Vertere’s Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove.

On the main structure of the record player, the drive engine is a Swiss made synchronous motor. Vertere’s unique self-synchronising system for the motor keeps belt tension constant and also keeps any residual noise away from the platter. An external dedicated motor drive power supply unit, precisely tuned to each individual motor, ensures optimum power to the motor while keeping motor noise to a minimum.

Highest-quality cast acrylic has been chosen as the best material for the plinths of the record player, due to its consistent rigidity and naturally non-resonant properties. The plinths are CNC machined from different thicknesses of cast acrylic to their specific designed shapes and are critically isolated from each other. Isolation is provided by several unique suspension components, where every layer is designed to eliminate certain unwanted movements and vibrations – internal or external. The intricate design of the isolation components combined with the stable acrylic plinth structure provides the best possible platform for the tonearm, cartridge and the platter assembly. The result is an unparalleled and an unforgettable musical experience, every time you play a record on the RG-1.

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