Vertere Pulse-X Cable System gives the best connection to your loudspeakers.

Unleash the ‘life’ in every musical performance with Vertere Pulse-X Cable. Pulse-X ensures that the amplifier fully controls the speakers at all times.

Pulse X design follows the same unique design principles applied to the Pulse range of interconnect cables only operating at much higher voltages and currents. The Vertere Pulse-X Cable utilises innovative conductor design and signal shielding that make Pulse X the unparalleled connection between the amplifier and loudspeaker.

It is designed with both amplifier output and loudspeaker input in mind. Pulse X loudspeaker cable ensures that the amplifier remains in control of the loudspeaker at all times during complex and delicate passages. The extraordinary dynamics at low as well high volume levels help unleash the ‘life’ within the performance.